I don’t know why I didn’t write sooner about this and it’s 24 days since it has passed but o levels is finally over!!!!!
Actually I do know why I didn’t write sooner, I was busy doing the things I always wanted to do waiting for that moment, 24 days ago. And I probably did it for 24 days and starting to get tired of it and…. Starting to get bored, which explains the writing of this post.
I wished I could say I didn’t waste the 24 days of freedom but I did. Sleeping, lazing around, it didn’t turn out like what I wanted it to be.
I wanted to draw many things, I wanted to read many things, I wanted to run everywhere and see everything. But it turns out, I’m a pig who likes to stay in its pig sty and not do anything.
BUT. The good thing is that the big big big big Boulder of books that had a big big big burden on my shoulders have disappeared slightly but sufficiently out of my life.
It will never be completely gone because the results ARE going to follow me for the rest of my life and the worst part has actually yet to come; results day.😪
All I need is an 8 to get into veterinary bioscience and an 13 to get into a JC I want to go to. lord please let me have both choices because choices are needed to make me happier!!!

I hope the day passes smoothly and nicely and greatly and miraculously and fantastically and as Long as everything is miraculous.
Please let me have a B3 for English 😦
please let me have an A1 for emaths!!!
Please let me have an A1 for amaths!!!
Please let me have an A1 for science!!!

Most importantly, please let me have a B3 ( at least) for english!!! PLEASE, 求上帝,求老天,求所有的神!

2nd most importantly!!! I need a B3 at least for humanities as well!!! 求求求你。

I don’t know what the future holds but it better hold something. And it better hold something I would look forward to, otherwise, what’s the point?