before I forget, let me write down something about the first day of work yesterday, 18th December 2015.

Let me tell the future you that you wore a stupid outfit, you wore your dark green Giant Kids tshirt and a pair of baggy looking, droopy looking ugly looking jeans and actually the only jeans you feel comfortable in. ((The light blue one)).

I don’t know if I say this much but I really hate getting to know new people, it’s almost like a disruption to my perfectly ok life, why must I have to wake up and communicate with people I know I can’t communicate with? so that’s what I woke up to do that day, meet and greet and chit chat new people and I would be lying if I said it was horrible.

just to let you know, you didn’t walk comfortably and quickly (be reminded that you were late) into the office. you even made your Friend, Zhien uncomfortable haha. thank you Zhien for being there for me yesterday when the panic hit me.

You walk through the door and great, another jolt of unpreparedness because the office’s outer covering is transparent and immediately you do see everybody. The lucky thing is you can’t hear their voices yet.

The office looks great, I love how most of the furniture is wood, I love how there were few people        ( !!YES!!) and I love how they were all aunties and uncles.

I took off my shoes (the green and grey sports shoes) leaving myself with a Paul frank blue yellow socks.  I walk in the office, presenting my awkward smile, awkward eyes, awkward face. also presenting not to forget, an awkward wave and bow.

And of course people would ask me my name which I was happy to answer because this is probably the only question I can answer at that time. so like usual, I have to repeat my name with more of the teeth showing before people get it after about 3 tries and I just stood around waiting for the next instruction.

Next instruction : put your bag in the drawer.

next instruction : sit down

and in front of me was the smallest computer screen ever it’s probably the size of the new biggest ipad, but of course I really didn’t mind that, it looked kind of cute and ancient and I like old.

Next I was introduced to most of the people in the office and I even wrote it down during lunch later in my notes so I wouldn’t forget because that would be I respectful, or will it not be?

Aunty Doris (front)

Aunty patsy (side)

Aunty elsa (boss)

Uncle MAC (office to the left)

Ah Leow Uncle (skinny guy)

Uncle chai (warehouse Supervisor Uncle)

the weirdest thing is that these people are way too familiar, I feel like I’ve met them before somewhere someplace sometime in my life and so maybe that helped me to lose some of the fear.

so moving on, my first job was to place stacks of paper in order according to the numbers on the right hand corner and I love it, don’t ask why. Ok I’ll tell you why, I just like putting things in order, that’s why.

My next “job” was to look at Aunty patsy use team viewer on her computer for the other workers over her phone to teach her how to use the system I was going to use. so that was actually an agonising one hour plus of looking at a mouse run over the computer screen like a mad dog. And there was Zhien too, calmly and coolly doing her job at a bigger screen computer.

And finally I was going to start the real thing, using the system that had so many steps I almost blanked out; luckily I wrote all this on a blank piece of foolscap she handed to me.

so the first few things were all about petty cash ( I had no idea what was that) so everything was quite easy until I had to choose the reference and they had to make an indecisive person choose a “topic” of some sort for this particular payment. So 1st aid box – general expenses, not medical?? so anything to do wth customers was entertainment. Anything to do with cars you had to type the car plate and choose petrol parking or TOP up or something. Handphone bills = handphone reimbursement ( I have no idea what this word means as well). And sometimes there are just some things that are out of the ordinary and it’s just difficult to see the bigger picture and find the reference to it.

What is buying a mop or a pen? What is a company dinner- staff welfare. Travelling = Travelling that’s much easier. and I sometimes just can’t read the cursive handwriting!!!! It’s killing me because I would have to ask again and I don’t know if she’s burning up because of my too many questions.

I think she told me specifically to check for gst and write it down if there is but I completely forgot and while I had a New job of doing the PVs I had to fix the GPs because all of them didn’t include tax. And I had to fix all this in secret so I appeared seriously very slow. I sat around waiting for them to figure out the PVs handling And took a while to get the hang of it and I love it too, it’s just maybe because it’s something new, and there’s this excitement of completing it.

the PVs were a tad more complicated but still doable. along the way, problems came up that luckily I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t solve at first (PHEW). Most of the time I was probably frantically clearing up my mistakes rather than doing the current job I was told to do.( I did the whole of February without including gst)( and a little of march ) some I couldn’t read and I’m still waiting for a chance to ask her, and I’m hoping she doesn’t check first. ( please)

the boss, elsa ( let it go), was a very nice person unexpectedly because she was the one who asked Zhien to take a bath before coming to work. she joked with me, she asked me my dialect, helped me with some stuff , and she gave me some Qing Teng which I don’t really love but I had to act like I loved it anyway (it wasn’t that bad).

There was one part that was memorable, seeing my name in the system because I just felt like I had a “commitment” to this job. and the worst part is receiving a call from my mum saying that we have to go overseas from 28-31 and thus I’m going to die because I would be working so little for them, I’m afraid they would think I’m useless because I can’t come on so many days. 😪

Anyways the day ended with them trying to solve a problem that was so so complicated and I just realised I forgot the steps and I am so dead. Said bye to them and it was a heartwarming moment because talking and making new friends isn’t that bad.

and too too and Angie was waiting just right down the hallway and we went for some nice carbonara at Aunty Sharon’s friend’s husband’s new restaurant.

That was the end and I’m sure there is more to come.

Not my drawing but I love it