This is the real post made on 1st January 2017. We just came home from a movie: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them and I kind of like it except that my ear drums I think came out and I like niffler. So we went to this movie with kaima and kaiye, and in the car back home, we met with 12.00am of today.

Me and angie tried to do a countdown but we failed horribly because we were still at five when it was already supposed to be zero. Kaima and kaiye were so quiet and they just looked like they weren’t in the mood for it. And then I realised why I also shouldn’t be really happy with the arrival of 2017.

I remembered or kind of just brought it all out of my brain to look at all that had happened in 2016. Taima, Ting Ting, Ahgong, i realised i also didn’t really want to do the countdown, because it meant we’re getting further and further away from all of them.

When each year starts to go by, pretty soon ahgong, ting ting, taima are going to feel like very distant memories rather than recently lost presences. And to lose presence, its very scary, to me.

But i guess i counted down rather happily because I’m also grateful for all the things i had last year, my newly made friends, my still close old friends, my family, my new experiences, new realisations.

2016 was no doubt a rollercoaster ride that i surprisingly didn’t really enjoy when i got down from. I don’t want to think about it too much because I’m actually starting to think i hated 2016 but its ok I’m just going to end the past with a cute made up memory of me, my mei mei and my ahgong playing with fireworks at night on new year’s eve just to make me happy.