today’s 7 august and Laura is just sitting right there omg. actually it’s quite far but still, it’s wonderful. actually she’s also back facing me, but still it’s kind of enough??? she’s alone, and that kind of triggers imaginations and impulses in me, which I know I won’t act on, like seriously this time.

I want to just walk over, and sit in front of her, and just say “hey, whatchudoin”
hHAHAHA but really. I’ll just walk over, take her ear piece off, and look into her eyes, and her funny shocked face.

you know something, how can I like someone i don’t know so much. Like I really do not know her. I know her voice, and it’s hot by the way. and I know her kind of, but mostly it’s made up and I imagine her to click so well with me, like so well. but deep in my heart, I somehow feel like we won’t. but who knows, I’ll never try, we’ll never know.

I’d like to think I have a chance to get to know her, to see if she’s as wonderful as what I made her up to be. However, I’m even more afraid that she’s not who I think she is, then what would I do?

sit there and miss her in my made up memories? yup. and that’s sad.